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If you have any questions or have something you would like to share with us, feel free to do so at or give us a call. Our customized singing telegrams are one of a kind! Prices are based on costume and location.

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Mention “lowest price guarantee” we appreciate your business and will not be undersold.
Jon Shipley, Owner

Fabulous Celebrity Impersonators start at $189.00
We also do PHONE GRAMS starting at $45.00 (unbeatable “live” fun).

California & Florida location. FL, CA Singing Telegrams 212-260-2229 (Nationwide)

“American Singing Telegrams is a unique and hip singing telegram company. We have been doing singing telegrams since 1979. we are an exclusive group of singing telegram entertainers, that go for laughs, fun embarrassment and applause!  Order the highest quality and create a wild singing telegram memory to last a lifetime!

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